Give that back.  I need to pack it.

Hasta la vista

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♣ tink + gus // date time


Gus looked over as she smiled and was pleased that the camera wasn’t with him. Honestly, Gus wouldn’t have imagined bringing the camera. There were just some things that people didn’t need to see, and honestly Gus didn’t really want to either. He wanted his mind to be on the date the entire time, rather than whether what they were doing would make a good vlog or when he should and shouldn’t have the camera out. As the cab pulled up, he thanked the driver and then stepped out. They were outside the cake shop that they’d been to a while ago. Gus hadn’t really been here much since then to be honest so it would be a surprise to him also what they had.

Wrapping an arm around her waist as subtly as it could be done, which wasn’t a lot, he led her inside and looked around. The smell of sugar hit you like a wall. This was a place for cake addicts, you could tell. Behind the counter, there were people busying away to decorate cute little cupcakes and small shelves filled with things like cake-pops adorned the walls. “I will never get over this place,” Gus laughed gently, shaking his head. “Absolutely mental. You get diabetes just walking in.” The pair headed to the counter and Gus put his hands back into his pockets. “Go one and choose a few then. I know you want to go crazy.” The grin on his face grew.

Tink hid her smile as she felt his arm around her waist and they made their way inside.  Once they were in, she had to bite her lip from squealing in excitement.  She felt like a kid in a candy shop… or in a cake shop…. but she tried to remember that she was on a date and it probably wouldn’t be cool to scream in a cake shop.  ”You could get diabetes from the smell,” she smiled at the boy beside her.  ”And it’s beautiful.  I’m pretty sure this place was made for me.  I think I could get married in this cake shop. I think I could get married to this cake shop.” Tink bit her lip to stop the stream of words as they approached the counter.

She scanned the selection of cakes.  ”I want Red Velvet,” she said with a confident voice, pointing at a cake towards the front with white flowers lacing the icing.  ”And God do I want cake pops.  I haven’t had cake pops in ages.” She twisted her lips into a smirk and looked up at Gus.  ”Aren’t you gonna get any?”

Tink and Terence


The Pirate Fairy 


Ladies and gentlemen, the only human being who could make drawing on a gaming device sexy as hell.


No, but I tried to tell him I liked him like four times and he still has no idea. It’s a lost cause. I made it a good nineteen years without one, I don’t see why nineteen more should be so hard.


Well maybe you should get some balls and tell him.  I’m only kidding.  You will do fine without a man.  Although nineteen years sounds a bit extreme.