Hm…I think I met him. He seems pretty cool honestly.


Sure I can be. That or you’re just seeing things that aren’t there. 

What do you even want me to do here, Tink?

Yeah, he’s pretty cool.  But don’t tell him I said so.

Oh yes, everyone we know is seeing the same thing ‘that isn’t there’.

I just want you to not be so closed minded.


You gonna tell me who it is?


Uh…I’m not?

Um, Gus Blu.

Come on, Fawn. You can’t be that blind.


Well, I mean, if you like him and it’s great, that’s all that matter right?


No…I can’t say I have. I don’t even know what there is to talk about anyway.


Fawn, stop kidding yourself.


Well that sounds…maybe not so great? Probably more than what I have going for me though.


That’s the thing though - it is great.  I mean like a really like him and stuff, I just don’t know what exactly we’re doing.  

Have you even talked to him yet, Fawn?


Hey. I’m proud of that fact.


That it is. Well…what does complicated mean?

As you should be.

I dunno, like just complicated.


Well, I don’t know about everyone, but it’s mine. School, research, dinner and marvel something-or-other with Ari. That’s pretty much my day.


Well…the cake part sounds good. There’s a boy again?

What a nerd.

Cake is always good.  No.. well I mean yes, there’s a boy.  But we’re not like… I don’t know it’s complicated.


Oh, you know. School. Researching the behavior of the animals living in the general Wishing Well area, nothing too exciting. And you?


I like how causuall you say “researching the behavior of the animals living in the general Wishing Well area”, as though it’s everyone’s daily activity.

The usual. School. Shopping.  Boys, well boy. Cake. Living life.


If by dream you mean nightmare then yes. Sure. Sounds great I probably need a break from working on this thing anyway.


Fab.  So, what’s new in the life of the lovely Fawn Wilder.


Well unless you know where a party is happening, I guess we’re out of luck there. Which is weird since it’s a Friday. Shopping with you is something I really don’t handle well…So I guess we’re left with talk and chill..


Shopping with me is your dream come true. But fine, if you insist.  I have tea at mine?